List of Governors of Himachal Pradesh

List of Governors of Himachal Pradesh
List of Governors of Himachal Pradesh
The Governor of Himachal Pradesh is the constitutional head of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. He is appointed by the President of India and holds office at the President's pleasure.

Maj. Gen. K. S. Himmatsinhji was the first Lt. Governor of Himachal Pradesh. He held the office from 1 March 1952 to 31 December 1954.

After 1971, when Himachal Pradesh was given statehood, S. Chakravarti became the first Governor of Himachal Pradesh. He took the charge on 25 January 1971 and left the office on 16 February 1977.

Smt. Sheila Kaul was the first female Governor of Himachal Pradesh. She took the charge on 17 November 1995 and left the office on 22 April 1996.

Acharya Dev Vrat is the current and 27th Governor of Himachal Pradesh. He is in the office from 12 August 2015.

Lt. Governors of Himachal Pradesh
1Maj. Gen. K. S. Himmatsinhji (retd.)1 March 195231 December 1954
2Raja Bajrang Bahadur Singh of Bhadri1 January 195513 August 1963
3Sh. Bhagawan Sahay14 August 196325 February 1966
4Sh. V. Viswanathan, ICS (retd.)26 February 19666 May 1967
5Sh. Om Parkash7 May 196715 May 1967
6Lt. Gen. K. Bhadur Singh (retd.)16 May 196724 January 1971

Governors of Himachal Pradesh
#NameTook OfficeLeft Office
1Sh. S. Chakravarti25 January 197116 February 1977
2Sh. Amin ud-din Ahmad Khan17 February 197725 August 1981
3Sh. A. K. Banerjee26 August 198115 April 1983
4Sh. Hokishe Sema16 April 19837 March 1986
5Justice P. D. Desai*8 March 198616 April 1986
6Vice Admiral R. K. S. Ghandhi17 April 198615 February 1990
7Sh. S. M. H. Burney2 December 198710 January 1988
8Sh. H. A. Brari20 December 198912 January 1990
9Sh. B. Rachaiah16 February 199019 December 1990
10Sh. Virendra Verma20 December 199029 January 1993
11Sh. Surendra Nath30 January 199310 December 1993
12Sh. Bali Ram Bhagat11 February 199329 June 1993
13Sh. Gulsher Ahmad30 June 199326 November 1993
14Sh. Surendra Nath27 November 19939 July 1994
15Justice V. Ratnam*10 July 199430 July 1994
16Sh. Sudhakarrao Naik30 July 199417 September 1995
17Sh. Mahabir Prasad18 September 199516 November 1995
18Smt. Sheila Kaul17 November 199522 April 1996
19Sh. Mahabir Prasad23 April 199625 July 1997
20Smt. V. S. Ramadevi26 July 19971 December 1999
21Sh. Vishnu Kant Shastri2 December 199923 November 2000
22Sh. Suraj Bhan23 November 20007 May 2003
23Justice(Retd) Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje8 May 200319 July 2008
24Prabha Rau19 July 200824 January 2010
25Urmila Singh25 January 201024 January 2015
26Kalyan Singh28 January 201512 August 2015
27Acharya Dev Vrat12 August 2015Incumbent

*Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court holding additional charge
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