List of Governors of Goa

List of Governors of Goa
List of Governors of Goa
The Governor of Goa is the constitutional head of the Indian state of Goa. He is appointed by the President of India and holds office at the President's pleasure.

The Governor seat of Goa was formed with the elevation of Goa to a state from a union territory on 30th May 1987. Earlier, the similar constitutional powers were held by Lt. Governor of Goa.

Maj Gen K. P. Candeth was the first Lt. Governor of Goa. He served from 19 December 1961 to 6 June 1962. Gopal Singh became the first Governor of Goa, who happened to be the last Lt. Governor of Goa. He served as Lt Governor of Goa from 24 September 1984 to 29 May 1987 and as Governor of Goa from 30 May 1987 to 17 July 1989.

Mridula Sinha is the current and first female Governor of Goa. She took the charge on 26 August 2014 and by completing four years as the Governor, she became longest serving Governor of Goa till now.

Lieutenant Governors of Goa, Daman and Diu

1Maj Gen K. P. Candeth 19 December 19616 June 1962
2T. Sivasankar7 June 19621 September 1963
3M. R. Sachdev2 September 19638 December 1964
4Hari Sharma12 December 196423 February 1965
5K. R. Damle24 February 196517 April 1967
6Nakul Sen18 April 196715 November 1972
7S. K. Banerji16 November 197215 November 1977
8P. S. Gill16 November 197730 March 1981
9Jagmohan31 March 198129 August 1982
10I H Latif30 August 198223 February 1983
11K. T. Satarawala24 February 19833 July 1984
12I H Latif4 July 198423 September 1984
13Gopal Singh24 September 198429 May 1987

Governors of Goa after 1987
1Gopal Singh30 May 198717 July 1989
2Khurshed Alam Khan18 July 198917 March 1991
3Bhanu Prakash Singh18 March 19913 April 1994
4B. Rachaiah4 April 19943 August 1994
5Gopala Ramanujam4 August 199415 June 1995
6Romesh Bhandari16 June 199518 July 1996
7P.C. Alexander19 July 199615 January 1998
8T. R. Satish Chandran16 January 199818 April 1998
9J. F. R. Jacob19 April 199826 November 1999
10Mohammed Fazal26 November 199925 October 2002
11Kidar Nath Sahani26 October 20022 July 2004
12Mohammed Fazal3 July 200416 July 2004
13S. C. Jamir17 July 200421 July 2008
14Shivinder Singh Sidhu22 July 200826 August 2011
15Kateekal Sankaranarayanan27 August 20113 May 2012
16Bharat Vir Wanchoo4 May 20124 July 2014
17Margaret Alva12 July 20145 August 2014
18Om Prakash Kohli6 August 201425 August 2014
19Mridula Sinha26 August 2014Incumbent
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