List of Governors of Arunachal Pradesh

List of Governors of Arunachal Pradesh
List of Governors of Arunachal Pradesh
The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh is the constitutional head of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. He is appointed by the President of India and holds office at the President's pleasure.

Earlier, when Arunachal Pradesh was a union territory, similar constitutional powers and authority were held by Chief Commissioner and later Lt. Governor.

K. A. A. Raja is the first Chief Commissioner of the Arunachal Pradesh. He also later became first Lt. Governor of the Arunachal Pradesh.

Bhishma Narain Singh is the first Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. He took the charge on 20th February 1987, when Arunachal Pradesh was established as state.

Mata Prasad, eighth Governor of the state, was the longest serving Governor of the state. He held the office from 20 October 1993 to 16 May 1999.

B. D. Mishra is the current and 19th Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.

Chief Commissioners of Arunachal Pradesh
1K. A. A. Raja19721973
2Manohar L. Kampani19741975
Lieutenant Governors of Arunachal Pradesh
1K. A. A. Raja 15-Aug-7518-Jan-79
2R. N. Haldipur 18-Jan-7923-Jul-81
3H. S. Dubey 23-Jul-8110-Aug-83
4Thanjavelu Rajeshwar 10-Aug-8321-Nov-85
5Shiva Swaroop 21-Nov-8520-Feb-87
Governors of Arunachal Pradesh
1Bhishma Narain Singh 20-Feb-8718-Mar-87
2R.D. Pradhan 18-Mar-8716-Mar-90
3Gopal Singh 16-Mar-908-May-90
4Devi Das Thakur 8-May-9016-Mar-91
5Loknath Mishra 16-Mar-9125-Mar-91
6Surendranath Dwivedy 25-Mar-914-Jul-93
7Madhukar Dighe 4-Jul-9320-Oct-93
8Mata Prasad 20-Oct-9316-May-99
9S.K. Sinha 16-May-991-Aug-99
10Arvind Dave 1-Aug-9912-Jun-03
11V. C. Pande 12-Jun-0315-Dec-04
12Shilendra Kumar Singh 15-Dec-043-Sep-07
13K. Sankaranarayanan 3-Sep-0726-Jan-08
14Joginder Jaswant Singh 26-Jan-0828-May-13
15Nirbhay Sharma 28-May-1312-May-15
16Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa 12-May-1514-Sep-16
17V. Shanmuganathan14-Sep-1627-Jan-17
18Padmanabha Acharya 27-Jan-173-Oct-17
19B. D. Mishra 3-Oct-17Incumbent
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