15+ Hot Springs in Maharashtra

Hot springs in Maharashtra
Unapdev Hot Water Spring
Hot spring is a spring produced by the emergence of heated water due to geo-activities from the earth's crust. Such hot water springs are rich in sulphur and other mineral, and considered having medicinal values. The hot springs are popularly known as Unhali in Maharashtra.

The town was originally known as Vadvali. However, the town has adopted the name of Goddess Vrajeshwari, the presiding deity of the Vajreshwari Temple. The town is known for its hot springs. Apparently, there are 21 hot springs within the five-kilometer radius of the temple. The town is about 75 km away from Mumbai.

Akloli Kund or Rameshwar hot spring is a hot spring in Akloli village. Akloli is about a kilometer ahead of Vajreshwari. These group of springs has lower temperature than Vajreshwari. Thee hot spring group received its name "Rameshwar" as they are clustered around the Rameshwar Temple. The group is located on the left bank of the Tansi River.

Ganeshpuri is about two kilometer from Vajreshwari. Most of the Ganeshpuri hot springs can be found within a kilometer radius of Bhimeshwar Temple. These group of hot springs is less crowded than Vajreshwari.

There are six hot spring near the village of Nimboli in the bed of Tansa river. The water here is moderately hot. Nimboli is around five kilometer from Ganeshpuri.

Five kilometers north of Vajreshwari, there is a hot spring known as Banganga in the town of Nandni Gaygotha.

Pimplas, Wada
Near the confluence of Pinjal and Vaitarna River, around 3 kilometers from Pimplas (Wada District), there are two springs in the bed of the river.

There are six hot springs located on the banks of Wandari stream near the village of Sativali. The main hot spring is located on the southern bank and small sprouts are located on the northern bank of the stream.

There is a hot water spring in Shahpur. It is locally known as Ganga. Shahpur, the town, is around 90 km from Mumbai.

Unhere, Pali
Near Pali Ganesh Temple, there is a hot water spring, rich in sulfur, at the village of Unhere. The hot spring fills three tanks from which there is overflow forming puddles.

Unhavare, Dapoli
Unhavare, a small village near Dapoli, is famous for its natural hot springs. The picturesque valley around Unhavare adds to the romanticism of the place.

Unhala, Rajapur
On the southern bank of Kondai River, there is a hot spring located at the village of Unhala, near Rajapur. The hot water is rich with sulfur and popular among locals.

In Nanded district, there is a group of hot springs clustered around Unkeshwar. The temperature of these hot springs is within the range of 30 to 42 Celcius.

Unapdev, Dara
Near Satpada hills, there is a hot water spring in Unapdev (Dara village) around 25 km Shahada. This hot spring has a story associated with Rama. It is said, it was created by Rama during his fourteen-year exile.

Sunapdev and Nijhardev are two other hot water springs in the same locality.

Salbardi is situated on the Madu river. Salbardi has two springs. One hot water spring and other is cold water spring.

Like Unapdev hot spring, Salbardi is also associated with Hindu mythology. It is said it was the abode of Sita when she was deserted by Rama and she gave birth to her two children Lava and Kusha.

Other hot springs of Maharashtra are in Dasgaon, Kapeshwar, Indave, and Samgeshwawar.
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