List of Measuring Instruments

List of Measuring Instruments
List of Measuring Instruments

A measuring instrument allows us to measure and compare physical quantities in the real world scenario. These instruments range from a simple object like ruler to very complex objects like particle accelerators. Some of them are given below:

InstrumentQuantity measured
actinometerheating power of sunlight
alcoholmeteralcoholic strength of liquids
ammeterelectric current
astrolabelatitude and altitude of celestial bodies
barometerair pressure
bevametermechanical properties of soil
bolometerelectromagnetic radiation
Brannock Devicemeasuring shoe size
breathalyzeralcohol content in breath
calorimeterheat of chemical reactions
capnographconcentration of carbon di oxide in respiratory gases
cathetometervertical distances
clap-o-metervolume of applause
compassdirection of North
declinometermagnetic declination
densimeterspecific gravity of liquids
densitometerdegree of darkness in photographic or semitransparent material
diffractometerstructure of crystals
dilatometervolume changes caused by a physical or chemical process
disdrometersize, speed, and velocity of raindrops
dosimeterexposure to hazards, especially radiation; radiation of item
dumpy levelhorizontal levels
dynamometerforce, torque or power
electricity meterelectrical energy used
electrocardiograhrecords electric activity of the heart
electrometerelectric charge
ellipsometerrefractive index, dielectric function, thickness of thin films
eudiometerchange in volume of a gas mixture following combustion
evaporimeterrate of evaporation
fathometerocean depth
feeler gaugegap widths
framing squareright angles in construction
frequency counterfrequency of alternating current
fuel gaugefuel levels
gas metervolume of fuel gases such as CNG, and LPG
gas pycnometervolume and density of solids
geiger counterionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.)
glucometerblood glucose
heliometervariation of the sun's diameter
hydrometerspecific gravity of liquids (density of liquids)
inclinometerangle of a slope
interferometerwave interference
infrared thermometerMeasures heat radiated
katharometercomposition of gases
lactometerspecific gravity of milk
light meterlight (in photography)
luminance meterluminance
lux meterintensity of light
lysimeterbalance of water in soil
magnetometerstrength of magnetic fields
manometerpressure of gas
mass spectrometermasses of ions, used to identify chemical substances through their mass spectra
meggerelectrical insulation
micrometersmall distances
multimeterelectrical potential, resistance, and current
nephoscopeto measure the speed and direction of clouds
nephelometerparticle in a liquid
odometerdistance travelled
ohmmeterelectrical resistance
orchidometertesticle size in male humans
osmometerosmotic strength
pH meterpH (chemical acidity/basicity of a solution)
plastometerflow property of plastic material
polarimeterrotation of polarized light
postage metermeasures postage used from a prepaid account
profilometersurface roughness
pycnometerfluid density
pyranometersolar radiation
pyrheliometerdirect solar insolation
pyrometerhigh temperatures
quadratpercentage cover of a certain species
rain gaugemeasuring of rain
radiometerradiant flux of electromagnetic radiation
refractometersugar concentration of sap and syrup
rheometerresponse to applied forces
rotameterpressure of a liquid or gas in a closed tube
rulerfor measuring length
saccharometeramount of sugar in a solution
seismometerseismic waves (for example, earthquakes)
spectrometerproperties of light
spectrophotometerintensity of light as a function of wavelength
speedometerspeed, velocity of a vehicle
spirometerair inspired and expired by the lungs
spherometerradius of a sphere
sphygmomanometerblood pressure
stadimeterobject range
strainmeterseismic strain
SWR meterstanding wave ratio
tachometerrevolutions per minute, rate of blood flow, speed of aeroplanes
tensiometersurface tension of a liquid
theodolitemeasuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes
tiltmeterminor changes to the Earth
tribometertribological quantities, such as coefficient of friction, friction force, and wear volume, between two surfaces in contact.
vacuum gaugevery low pressure
viscometerviscosity of a fluid
voltmeterelectric potential, voltage
wattmeterelectrical power
weighing scaleweight
wind vanewind direction
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