Folk Dances of Telangana

Folk Dance of Telangana
Folk Dances of Telangana
Telangana is the newest state of modern India, but it has a cultural history of 5000 years. This also means Telangana like other states of India has a rich culture which is marked by its art, music, and dance.

Perini Sivatandavam
Perini Sivatandavam is an anciet dance form of Telangana, which is revived in recent times by Nataraja Ramakrishna. It is originated during 12th century Kakatiya dynasty. It is a war dance and usually performed by men in front of Lord Shiva idol. It is a vigourous dance, accompanied by strong beatings of drums.

Note: Telangana is recently carved out from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Most of the local Andhra dances are also performed in Telangana. To know about those dance forms, read about  Dance forms of Andhra Pradesh. In addition, you can also read about Folk Dances of India.
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