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Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize is a set of international awards conferred in categories of academics, culture, or science, annually.

The Nobel Prize are established under the will of Alfred Bernhard Nobel, who died in 1896. He was a famous Swedish Scientist, who discovered Nitroglycerine and its use in manufacturing of dynamite.

The Nobel Prize is given in six categories, namely, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics. The Nobel prize for first five categories were instituted in 1901, whereas Novel Prize for Economics was started instituted in 1967.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Science  selects the awardess of Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry. The Swedish Academy of Literature selects the awardee in category of Literature. The Nobel Assembly of Karolinska Chirugical awards the prize in Medicine. The Bank of Sweden awards the prize in the category of Economics. Last, the Committee of the Norwegian Parliament awards the Nobel Prize in the category of Peace.

A medal (made of 18 carat green gold, and gold plated with 24 carat gold, average weight 175 gram) and prize money of 9 million Swedish Krona (roughly translates in 1 million US Dollars or 6.5 crore rupeee by Jan, 2018 exchange rate) is given to the winner.

The Prize are given, each year, in Stokholm on 10th December, the death anniversary of Alfred Nobel.

The Prize can be given to maximum of three person at same time. As of 2017, 584 prizes are give to 923 laureates.

1913Rabindranath TagoreLiteratureHe was first Indian and non-European person to win the Nobel Prize. He was awarded for beautiful and sensitive lyric collection, published in Geetanjali.
1930C. V. RamanPhysicsHe was first Indian scientist to receive Nobel Prize for his work on scattering of Light, known as Raman Effect.
1979Mother TeresaPeaceShe was first and only Indian woman till date to receive Nobel Prize. She received Nobel Prize for her work in elimination of poverty.
1998Amaratya SenEconomicsHe was awarded Nobel Prize for his analysis in Welfare Economics.
2014Kailash SatyarthiPeaceHe is a popular socialist known for his struggle to save children and young people from suppression and sexual exploitation. He was awarded jointly with Malala Yousafazai.

Dr. Hargobind Khorana (1968) in the field of Medicine, S. Chandrasekhar (1983) in the field of Physics, V. Ramakrishnan (2009) in the field of Chemistry are Indian origin persona who also received Nobel Prizes.

Notably, Mahatama Gandhi was nominated for the Peace Prize thrice (1938, 1947, and 1948) and Sri Aurobindo was nominated for the the Nobel Prize in Literature (1943) and Nobel Peace Prize in 1950.
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