Embracing India's Cultural Heritage: New Geographical Indications

Image illustrating the concept of Geographical Indication (GI) tag, including its meaning, objectives, examples, and frequently asked questions, highlighting India's cultural heritage
Embracing India's Cultural Heritage: New Geographical Indications [Source: Jagran Josh]

In March 2024, India's Geographical Indication (GI) registry celebrated the addition of 22 distinguished products originating from Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, and Meghalaya. This prestigious recognition endorses their unique attributes and geographical roots, safeguarding their authenticity and promoting economic growth.

Assam's Heritage:

The enchanting state of Assam contributed 12 distinctive products to the GI registry, encompassing a rich tapestry of traditions:

  • Asharikandi terracotta craft
  • Pani Meteka craft
  • Sarthebari metal craft
  • Jaapi, the iconic bamboo headgear
  • Mishing handloom products
  • Bihu dhol, resonating with cultural fervor
  • Bodo Dokhona and Bodo Gamsa, traditional attire symbolizing grace and heritage
  • Bodo Eri silk, renowned for its finesse
  • Bodo Jwmgra, a traditional scarf
  • Bodo Thorkha, echoing melodies of tradition
  • Bodo Sifung, the melodic long flute

Uttar Pradesh's Cultural Elixir:

Uttar Pradesh contributed five treasures to the GI registry, reflecting its vibrant cultural spectrum:

  • Banaras Thandai, a delectable concoction blending milk with nuts, seeds, and spices
  • Banaras Tabla and Banaras Shehnai, emblematic of its musical legacy
  • Banaras Lal Bharwamirch and Banaras Lal Peda, tantalizing culinary delights

Tripura's Essence:

The serene landscapes of Tripura unveiled two products adorned with GI tags:

  • Pachra-Rignai, a traditional dress exuding elegance on special occasions
  • Matabari Peda, a sweet delicacy cherished by all

Meghalaya's Legacy:

Meghalaya, nestled in the lush hills, presented three treasures to the GI registry:

  • Meghalaya Garo Textile weaving, weaving tales of tradition
  • Meghalaya Lyrnai Pottery, shaping history with every stroke
  • Meghalaya Chubitchi, an alcoholic beverage steeped in tradition and flavor

Understanding the GI Registry:

The Geographical Indication (GI) registry stands as a guardian of cultural heritage, established under the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. It offers legal protection, preserving the essence of products and ensuring their authenticity. The GI tag not only fosters economic development but also instills confidence in consumers, guaranteeing quality and heritage preservation.

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