PM Modi Launches Groundbreaking Projects in Odisha

The image shows Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during the unveiling ceremony of groundbreaking projects in Odisha
PM Modi Launches Groundbreaking Projects in Odisha

On the 5th of March 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a series of groundbreaking development initiatives, totaling over Rs 19,600 crores, in Chandikhole, Jajpur district of Odisha. These projects, spanning various sectors such as oil & gas, railways, road transport & highways, and atomic energy, mark a significant milestone in the region's progress.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Modi underscored the pivotal role of these projects in catalyzing industrial activities and generating employment opportunities in the area.

Key Projects Unveiled:
  1. A 344 km long product pipeline connecting Paradip, Odisha, to Haldia, West Bengal, aimed at bolstering transportation infrastructure.
  2. The Mono Ethylene Glycol project by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited in Paradip Refinery, contributing to the region's petrochemical industry.
  3. An LPG Import facility at Paradip, set to revolutionize the polyester industry in Eastern India and support textile parks in Bhadrak and Paradip.

Additional Projects:
  1. Expansion of national highways including Singhara to Binjabahal, Binjabahal to Tileibani, Balasore-Jharpokharia, and Tangi-Bhubaneswar, to enhance connectivity.
  2. The foundation stone for the eight-laning of the Chandikhole – Paradip Section, aimed at improving transportation efficiency.
  3. Dedication of the Bansapani – Daitari – Tomka – Jakhapura Rail Line to facilitate the transportation of iron and manganese ore.
  4. Inauguration of the CONCOR Container Depot in Kalinga Nagar to bolster domestic and international trade.
  5. Establishment of Electric Loco and Wagon Periodical Overhauling Workshops, and augmentation of maintenance facilities to enhance rail infrastructure.
  6. Introduction of new train services to improve connectivity.
  7. Inauguration of a 5 MLD capacity seawater desalination plant at Odisha Sands Complex, contributing to water resource management.

Boosting Energy Sector Capacities:

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the government's endeavors to enhance energy capabilities in Eastern states. Under the Urja Ganaga Yojana, significant projects are underway for natural gas supply in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Odisha.

Emphasis on Timely Project Completion:

The Prime Minister reiterated India's commitment to completing projects within stipulated timelines, emphasizing the focus on modern connectivity to bolster Odisha's economy. Notably, he mentioned the desalination plant in Ganjam district, set to treat saline water for drinking purposes, thereby addressing water scarcity challenges effectively.

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