National Cooperative Database: Pioneering Cooperative Growth

Image of the National Cooperative Database, a groundbreaking tool for fostering cooperative growth and development
National Cooperative Database- Pioneering Cooperative Growth [Source: Legendofficers]

In a momentous event held in New Delhi on March 8, 2024, Union Home Minister and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the National Cooperative Database, accompanied by the release of the 'National Cooperative Database 2023: A Report'. This inauguration signifies a monumental leap forward in the expansion and fortification of India's cooperative sector since the nation's independence. The database's primary objective is to establish a comprehensive platform for the mapping and analysis of cooperative societies nationwide, thereby fostering their growth and advancement.

Significance of the National Cooperative Database:

The launch of the National Cooperative Database marks a pivotal moment in guiding the evolution of the cooperative sector. Its establishment is believed to be crucial in identifying and rectifying gaps through meticulous analysis, serving as a guiding beacon for the sector's progression. This database is poised to play a pivotal role in connecting primary agricultural credit societies (PACS) with apex bodies, villages with urban centers, markets with global platforms, and state databases with international counterparts, thus catalyzing the expansion of cooperatives.

Development Phases of the Database:

The development of the National Cooperative Database unfolded in three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Mapping of approximately 2.64 lakh societies in sectors such as Primary Agricultural Credit Societies, Dairy, and Fisheries.
  • Phase 2: Comprehensive data collection and mapping from a myriad of national and state-level cooperative organizations, including federations, banks, sugar mills, and multi-state cooperative societies.
  • Phase 3: Mapping of the remaining 8 lakh primary cooperative societies spanning various other sectors.

Insights from the Database:

The database's revelations unveil the existence of over 8 lakh registered cooperative societies across the nation, linking over 30 crore citizens to these entities.

Integration of Technology:

In a bid to enhance efficiency, the entire cooperative system, spanning from PACS to apex bodies, has been seamlessly computerized. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the National Cooperative Database boasts a dynamic web-based platform, granting instantaneous access to information about registered cooperative societies.

Emphasis on Data Governance and Development:

The Cooperation Minister underscored the paramount importance of data governance, proactive governance, and anticipatory governance in the contemporary landscape. He emphasized that the synergy among these elements paves the path for a novel development paradigm. The credibility and regular updates of data within the National Cooperative Database are meticulously upheld through a robust scientific system, with the Ministry of Cooperation vigilantly ensuring the upload of only verified data.

This initiative heralds a new dawn for the cooperative sector, fostering transparency, efficiency, and inclusive growth.

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