Enhancing Bilateral Relations: A Look into Ex Tiger Triumph 2024

Image showing Indian and US military personnel participating in joint exercise "Tiger Triumph 2024" to enhance bilateral relations and interoperability
Enhancing Bilateral Relations: A Look into Ex Tiger Triumph 2024

India and the United States joined hands in the military-to-military exercise named “Ex Tiger Triumph 2024,” aimed at bolstering interoperability and reinforcing bilateral relations. The exercise, spanning 14 days, kicked off on March 18, 2024, with a focus on refining capabilities in humanitarian aid, disaster relief (HADR), and sub-conventional operations.

Overview of Ex Tiger Triumph:

  • The exercise involves the participation of tri-services from both India and the United States.
  • It is conducted in two phases: the harbour phase at Vishakhapatnam and the sea phase at Kakinada.

Harbour Phase:

  • During the harbour phase, emphasis is placed on communication checks and personnel exchanges to facilitate the sharing of best practices and operational techniques.
  • Participating forces engage in exchanges to enhance interoperability and strengthen coordination.

Indian Army Contingent:

  • The Indian Army contributes a 700-strong integrated battalion group, showcasing advanced weaponry and technological advancements.
  • Components from various units including infantry, mechanized infantry, para special forces, artillery, engineers, and supporting arms participate.
  • The contingent is equipped with state-of-the-art drone systems and anti-drone equipment.

Sea Phase:

  • The sea phase, which commenced on March 27, involves strategic maneuvers to a simulated island country, setting the stage for complex operations.
  • Key operations include ship-to-shore moves and the establishment of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps.

Key Operations:

  • A ship-to-shore move showcases precision and coordination essential for amphibious operations.
  • Establishing IDP camps underscores the commitment to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.


Ex Tiger Triumph underscores the commitment of both India and the United States to enhance military cooperation and bilateral relations.

The exercise serves as a platform to exchange operational expertise and foster mutual understanding.

By engaging in joint exercises like Ex Tiger Triumph, India and the United States reaffirm their commitment to regional security and stability while advancing cooperation in disaster response and humanitarian assistance.

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