Chakshu: India's Digital Fraud Protection

Chakshu: India's Digital Fraud Protection - Digital Platform to Combat Fraudulent Calls and Messages
Chakshu: India's Digital Fraud Protection

The Indian government's recent initiative, Chakshu, marks a pivotal step in shielding citizens from financial fraud.

Developed by the Department of Telecommunication, Chakshu serves as a digital platform empowering individuals to combat fraudulent calls and text messages.

Streamlined Reporting Process:

  • Chakshu simplifies the reporting of fraud, enabling swift action against perpetrators.
  • Upon receiving a report, the platform initiates a re-verification process, leading to disconnection if the number fails verification.
  • This streamlined process minimizes potential financial losses, providing citizens with a robust defense mechanism.

Real-time Intelligence Sharing:

  • A key feature of Chakshu is its ability to facilitate real-time intelligence sharing among stakeholders.
  • Telecom companies, law enforcement agencies, banks, and social media platforms collaborate for a coordinated response to fraudulent activities.
  • This collaborative approach reduces the likelihood of criminals escaping detection, enhancing overall security.

Addressing the Need for Fraud Protection:

  • Chakshu's launch coincides with a surge in fraudulent activities, particularly impersonation scams targeting individuals' personal and financial information.
  • By offering a centralized platform for reporting such incidents, Chakshu empowers citizens to safeguard their financial security proactively.

Chakshu as an Information Exchange Hub:

  • Beyond reporting, Chakshu functions as an information exchange and coordination agency.
  • It catalogs cases of telecom resource misuse, enabling a comprehensive understanding of fraudulent activities and facilitating targeted interventions.

Integration with Sanchar Saathi:

  • Chakshu integrates seamlessly with Sanchar Saathi, serving as a backend repository for citizen-initiated requests.
  • Sanchar Saathi aids in tracking lost mobile phones and reporting identity theft, resulting in significant savings and enhanced security measures.

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