Original Home of the Aryans

Original Home of the Aryans
Original Home of the Aryans
Aryans are one of the earliest ethnic groups mentioned in Vedic texts along with Dasas. They are said to be the rulers of Aryavarta, the area encompassing present-day Northern Indian Subcontinent. Some scholars believe that Aryans were natives to  India while others believe that they migrated from outside.
  1. The first generation of Aryans was known as Rigvedic people. They lived around 1500 BC.
  2. They first settled around the Saptasindhu region, the present-day Punjab and Haryana region. Later they expanded to the Northern Gangetic plains.
  3. They knew about the Himalayas but did not have any information about the Aravali, the Satpura, the Vidhayanchal, and the Southern Plateau.
  4. According to many Aryan theorists, it is believed that the region was first populated by Dravidians, who retreated to Southern India.
  5. The word Aryan means eminent. They used to call their opponents as "Anarya" or "Dasa".
There are various theories propagated by Aryan invasion theorists. The most prominent theory came from German-born Orientalist Max Muller, who proposed Aryans came from Central Asia. Later Balgangadhar Tilak suggested Aryans came from the polar region.

Original Home of the Aryans
Central AsiaMax Muller
TibetDayanand Saraswati
TurkistanHurz Feld
BactriaJ.C. Road.
Germany plainsProf. Penka Sheart
Southern RussiaNehring
West Baltic RegionMach
Arctic RegionB.G. Tilak
Russian SteppesProf. Belfy
Central IndiaRajbali Pandey
KashmirL.D. Kala
Sapta SindhuA.C. Das
Himalayan Foothills/ShiwaliksPt. Laxmidhar Shastri

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