Naming of Districts of Haryana

Map of Haryana
Map of Haryana
It is a usual practice to name a village or town after a famous personality. In some cases, these places get their names after their founders or a person who lived in these localities. The towns and cities of Haryana are no exception, there are hundreds of cities which are named after some historical or mythological figure. Even, Haryana, itself is named after Lord Hari (Vishnu).

DistrictNamed after
AmbalaNamed after Goddess Amba Bhawani
BhiwaniNamed after Bhani Devi
Charkhi DadriNamed after lake Dadri
FaridabadNamed after Sheikh Farid
FatehabadNamed after son of Firozshah Tughlaq, Fateh Khan
GurugramNamed after Guru Dronacharya
JindNamed after Temple of Jainti Devi
KarnalNamed after Karna
KurukshetraNamed after King Kuru, ancestor of Kaurvas
MahendragarhNamed after King of Patiala Raja Mahendra Singh
PalwalNamed after Palawasur, a demon. He was Killed by Balaram, elder brother of Lord Krishna.
PanipatNamed after Panini Rishi
RewariNamed after daughter of King Rewat, Rewati
RohtakNamed after son of Queen Taravati, Rohtas
SonipatNamed after Shravan Kumar
YamunanagarNamed after River Yamuna

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