Rivers in Meghalaya

Umngot River, also known as Dawki River, is one of the cleanest rivers of India/image credit:wikimedia
Rivers have a important place in socio-cultural structure of Meghalaya. These rivers demarcate the natural boundaries between different tribal areas of Meghalaya. In modern era, these pristine rivers are popular as tourist destinations among both Indians and foreigners. Most of these rivers are rain fed, henceforth, seasonal in nature.

Geographically, the rivers of Meghalaya can be divided into two groups. These are 1. north flowing rivers that empties into Brahmaputra and 2. south flowing rivers that empties into Ganga-Meghna (Bangladesh).

1. Rivers that flows into Brahmaputra
Kalu (Ganol)
Didram (Jinari)
Damring (Krishnai)
Manda (Dudnai)
Khri (Kulsi)
Umran    (Digaru)
Umiam or Umkher (Barapani)

2. Rivers that flows into Ganga
Simsang (Someshwari)
Kynshi (Jadukata)
Umngot (Piyaingang)
Myntdu (Hari)

Simsang (or Someshwari) is the largest river of Meghalaya with the basin of 3675.8 square km. It meets Meghna river in Bangladesh. On other hand, Kopili river is said to be the longest river of Meghalaya with total length of 290 km.
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