First in Gujarat

First in Gujarat
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, First Deputy Prime Minister of India
  1. First Gujarti Deputy Prime Minister: Sardar Vallabhbai Patel
  2. First Gujarti Prime Minister: Moraji Desai
  3. First Governor of Gujarat: Mehdi Nawaz Jung (1960-65)
  4. First Woman Governor of Gujarat: Shardha Mukherjee (1978-83)
  5. First Chief Minister of Gujarat: Jivraj Narayan Mehta
  6. First Woman Chief Minister of Gujarat: Anandiben Patel
  7. First President Rule in Gujarat: 13 May 1971 to 17 March 1972
  8. First Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court: Sunderlal Trikamlal Desai

Media, Arts and Literature
  1. First Printing Press in Gujarat: 1812
  2. First Printed Book in Gujarat: Dabestan-e Mazaheb (1815)
  3. First Gujarati Newspaper: Bombayna Samachar (1822)
  4. First Women Magazine in Gujarat: Streebodh (1857)
  5. First News Daily in Gujarat: Hitechchhu
  6. First Gujarati Feature Film: Narsinh Mehta (1932)
  7. First Gujarati TV Channel: DD Girnar (2003)
  8. First Radio Station in Gujarat: Baroda
  9. First Business Magazine in any Indian Language and State: Vyapar (1948)

  1. Oldest Deemed University of Gujarat: Gujarat Vidyapith (1920)
  2. First Public Health University of India: Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar University
  3. First Private University of Gujarat: Bhavnagar University
  4. First Library in Gujarat: Andrews Library, Surat (1850)
  5. First Modern School in Gujarati Medium Started in Gujarat: Surat (1826)
  6. First Modern School in English Medium Started in Gujarat: Surat (1842)
  7. First School for Girls in Gujarat: Raichand Deepchand Primary School for Girls, Gopipura, Surat (1852)

  1. First Ancient Port of Indus Valley Civilization: Lothal
  2. First Europeans to Arrive in Gujarat: Portuguese
  3. First Commercial Outpost of British East India Company: Gujarat
  4. First Railway Station in Gujarat: Surat (1860)
  5. First Sultan of Gujarat: Ahmed Shah
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