List of Officers in Mauryan Administration

The Mauryan Empire
Chanakya opines a king cannot rule without an able administration. He has elaborately described the structure of an ideal state's administration in Book II of his treatise Arthashastra. It is the longest book of Arthashastra and divided in 36 chapters containing 1285 verses. It is aptly titled Adhyakshaprachara - 'Duties of Heads of Departments' as the departmental heads are in charge of all the activities in his departments. There are total of 30 adhyaksha (Chief Officers) mentioned in the Book II. There are additional three officer mentioned in other books of Arthashastra.

TitleTitle in English
RitvikOfficiating Priest
AcharyaThe Royal Teacher or King's Guru
Mantri AmatyaCouncillor
PurohitaChaplain/Chief Priest
SenapatiCommander in Chief
YuvarajCrown Prince
AntarvamshikaChief of Palace Guards
SamnidharDirector of Stores/Treasurer-General
KarmantikaOfficer in Charge of Factory/Head of Manufacturing Establishment
DandapalaChief of Army Staff
RashtrapalaProvincial Governor
DurgapalaCommander of the Fort
AntapalaCommander of the Frontier Forts
AdhyaksaHead of the Department
NagavanadhyakshaChief Elephant Forester
KosashadhyakshaChief Superintendent of the Treasury
AkaradhyakshaChief Controller of Mining and Metallurgy
LohadhyakshaChief Superintendent of Metals
LakshanadhyakshaChief Master of the Mint
KhanyadhyakshaChief Superintendent of Mines
LavanadhyakshaChief Salt Commissioner
SuvarnadhyakshaChief Superintendent of Precious Metals and Jewellery
KoshtagaradhyakshaChief Superintendent of Warehouses
PanyadhyakshaChief Controller of State Trading
KupyadhyakshaChief Superintendent of Forest Produce
AyudhagaradhyakshaChief of Ordnance
PauthavadhyakshaChief Controller of Weights and Measures
ManadhyakshaChief Surveyor and Timekeeper
SulkadhyakshaChief Controller of Customs and Octroi
SutradhyakshaChief Textile Commissioner
SitadhyakshaChief Superintendent of Crown Lands
SuradhyakshaChief Controller of Alcoholic Beverages
SunadhyakshaChief Protector of Animals and Controller of Animal Slaughter
GanikadhyakshaChief Controller of Entertainers (Courtesans, Brothels, Prostitutes and other Entertainers)
NavadhyakshaChief Controller of Shipping
PattanadhyakshaChief Controller of Ports and Harbours
Go-adhyakshaChief Superintendent of Crown Herds
AsvadhyakshaChief Cominander of Cavalry
HastyadhyakshaChief Commander of Elephant Corps
RathadhyakshaChief Commander of Chariot Corps
PattyadhyakshaChief Commander of Infantry
MudradhyakshaChief Passport Officer
VivitadhyakshaChief Controller of Pasture Lands
DhyutadhykshaChief Controller of Gambling
SamsthadhyakshaChief Controller of Private Trade
BandanagradhyakshaChief Superintendent of Jails
DevatadhyakshaChief Superintendent of Temples

Out of these 33 adhyakshas (department heads), 5 (the Chief Corps Commanders of Infantry; Cavalry; Chariots; and Elephants; alongwith the Chief of Ordnance) belonged to the Defence, 2 (Chief Superintendents of the Treasury; and Warehouses) belonged to the treasury, 4 (Chief Superintendents of Crown Lands; Productive Forests; Crown Herds; alongwith the Chief Protector of Animals) belonged to Agriculture and Forestry, 7 (Chief Textile Commissioner; Chief Controller of Mining and Metallurgy; Chief Superintendents of Mines and Metals, the Chief Master of the Mint alongwith the Chief Salt Commissioner) belonged to the Industry, 7 (Chief Controllers of State Trading; Private Trade; Weights and Measures; Shipping including Ferries and Ports; Chief Collector of Customs and Octroi alongwith the Chief Surveyor and Time Keeper) belonged to trade and transport, 3 (Chief Controllers of Alcoholic Beverages; Entertainers; and Gambling and Betting) belonged to Leisure and Entertainment and 2 (Chief Superintendent of Pasture Lands and Chief Passport Officer) belonged to the Movement.

Source: Kautilya Arthashasstra
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