List of National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Biosphere Reserve in Himachal Pradesh

Map of Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in Himachal Pradesh
Map of Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in Himachal Pradesh
As of 2019, there are 5 national parks and 31 wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh, which are home to 64 different species of mammals, 463 species of birds, 44 species of reptiles and 516 species of aquatic life. Moreover, Himachal Pradesh is home to one of 18 biosphere reserves in India. Some of the wild animals that are specially found in Himachal Pradesh are Snow Leopard, Himalayan Yak, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Goral and Yellow-throated Marten.

List of National Parks in Himachal Pradesh

National ParkEstablishedArea (square km)Location
Great Himalayan National Park 1984 754.5Kullu
Pin Valley National Park 1987 675Lahaul-Spiti
Inderkilla National Park 2010 104Lahaul-Spiti
Khirganga National Park 2010 710Kullu
Simbalbara National Park 2010 27.88Sirmour

As of 2014, the Great Himalayan National Park is listed as one of the seven UNESCO's Natural World Heritage sites.

List of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh

Wildlife SanctuaryEstablishedArea (square km)Location
Bandli WLS197441.32Mandi
Chail WLS1976108.54Solan
Churdhar WLS198556.15Sirmaur
Daranghati WLS1974167.00Shimla
Darlaghat WLS19746.00Solan
Dhauladhar WLS1994943.98Kangra
Gamgul Siahbehi WLS1974108.85Chamba
Govind Sagar WLS1962100.34Bilaspur
Kais WLS195414.19Kullu
Kalatop Khajjiar WLS194930.69Chamba
Kanwar WLS195461.57Kullu
Khokhan WLS195414.05Kullu
Kibber WLS19922220.12Lahaul-Spiti
Kugti WLS1962378.86Chamba
Lippa Asrang WLS196230.89Kinnaur
Majthal WLS197440.00Solan
Manali WLS195431.80Kullu
Naina Devi WLS1962123.00Bilaspur
Nargu WLS1974278.37Mandi
Pong Dam WLS1983307.29Kangra
Raksham-Chitkul WLS1989304Kinnaur
Renuka Lake WLS19644.02Sirmaur
Rupi Bhaba WLS1982269.00Kinnaur
Sainj WLS199490.00Kullu
Sechu Tuan Nala WLS1974102.95Chamba
Shikari Devi WLS197472.00Mandi
Shilli WLS19742.13Solan
Shimla Water Catchment WLS195810.25Shimla
Talra WLS196226.00 Shimla
Tirthan WLS197661.12 Kullu
Tundah WLS 197564.22Chamba

As of now, Chandratal Wildlife Sanctuary is a proposed wildlife sanctuary in Chandratal area of 38.56 square km. However, it is listed as one of protected areas by Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Biosphere Reserve in Himachal Pradesh

The Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve is one of the 18 biosphere reserves of India. It is completely located within the boundaries of Himachal Pradesh. It is spread over the total area of 7700 square kilometers and includes Pin Valley National Park and its surrounding area, Chandratal, Sarchu and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

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