9 Major Lakes of Kerala

A Houseboat on Vembanand Lake/Vinaya Raj
Ashtamudi Lake
Ashtamudi Lake, also known as Ashtamudi Kayal, lies entirely in the Kollam district. It second largest lake of Kerala behind the Vembanad lake with total surface area of 61.4 sq km. Its name indicates its topography, which literally means eight braids in Malayalam, referring its multiple branches. The Ashtamudi Wetland is identified as one of the biodiversity hotspots in the nation. Moreover, on 19 August 2002, it was included in the list of wetlands of international importance, as defined by the Ramsar Convention. It supports 57 avifauna species, of which 6 are migratory and 51 are native.

Enamakkal Lake
Enamakkal Lake is a fresh water lake that enitrely lies in Enamakkal town of Thrissur District. It is spread over the area of 25 sq km and fed by Keecheri River and Viyyoor River. On its western side, the lake is protected by a bund, which control the inflow of oceanic salt water. The bund commissioned by Sakthan Thampooran, who is also known as the architecture of Thrissur city.

Paravur Lake

Paravur Lake is comparatively a much smaller lake than its other counterparts in the state. It occupies an area of 6.62 sq km and lies entirely within the boundaries of Paravur town in Kollam district. It is fed by Ithikkara River and connected to Edava and Ashtamudi Kayal via Trivandrum-Shoranur canal.

Sasthamcotta Lake
Sasthamcotta Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Kerala. It gets its name from an ancient Sastha temple located on its bank. Visibly, it is not fed by any river or stream, but spring at the bottom of the lake are supposed to be the source of its year long water supply.

Vembanad Lake
Vembanad Lake is the largest lake of Kerala and spread over the area of 2033.02 sq km. With length of 96.5 km, it is also the longest lake in India. It is known by several names such as Vembanadu Kayal in Alappuzha, Punnamada Kayal in Kuttanad and Kochi Lake in Cochin (Kochi). In 2002, Vembanad Kayal was included in the list of westlands of international importance by Ramsar Convention, making it second largest Ramsar Site after Sunderbans. It has third largest waterfowl population in the country and is home to more than 100 avifauna species.

Vellayani Kayal

Vellayani Lake is a freshwater lake that lies entirely within the boundaries of Thiruvananthapuram district.

Pookode Lake
Pookode Lake is a freshwater lake that lies in the Wayanad district. It is spread over the area of 13 acres and 40 meter deep. It is the source of Panamaram River, which later merges with Kabini River.

Karalad Lake
Karalad Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in Kerala and spread over the area of 7 acres. It lies entirely within the boundaries of Wayanad district.

Periyar Thekkady lake

Periyar Thekkady lake is an artificial lake formed due to damming of Periyar River by Mullaperiyar Dam. The lake bain is part of Periyar National Park, a notable elephant and tiger reserve.

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