Kayyur Revolt (1941)

Kayyur Revolt (1941)
Kayyur Revolt (1941)
Kayyur Revolt (1941) is the name given to the peaceful protest of the Kayyur village farmers which turned violent.

The farmers of Kayyur were grown wary of increasing revenue taxes such as Vaashi, Nuri, Mukkal and others. They were about to give a memo to the landlord of Neeleswaram, but on their way, they were attacked by police, who came with a warrant to arrest their leaders.

The ferocious mob killed a policeman named Subbarayyan who and forced many to hold their flags.

Consequently, 61 were trialed for this violent deed and 4 persons were sentenced to death. The four were hanged to death in Kannur central prison on 29th March 1943.

The Kayyur Revolt was the subject of novel Chirasmarane by Kulakunda Shiva Rao (Niranjana).

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