Folk Songs of Himachal Pradesh

A Guler Painting/Courtesy: VMIS
Himachal Pradesh is one of the culturally richest states in India. Not only known for its folk dances and dramas, the state is also known for its folk music, especially folk songs.

These songs are associated with history, custom, religion, romance as well as tid-bits of day to day life. Many of the customary and romantic songs are filled with dark humour.

One can listen these songs hum by locals in quite movements as well as in groups during loud celebrations.

Some of the popular folks songs of Himachal Pradesh by region are
Folk songs of Chamba: Fulmu-Ranjhu, Kunju-Chanchlo, Raja-Gaddan, Bhukku-Gaddi, Lacchi, Nuala, Aenchaliya, Suhi-Geet, Sukraat, Kunjadi, Sithini, Soju, Gurai, Hosaras, and Anjuli.
Folk songs of Kangra: Hari Singh Raajeya, Nurpure Diye Khatretiye, Prithvi Singh Inderdeyi, Pind Deya Lambda, Sithniya, Ghodi.
Folk songs of Mandi: Kunjari Malhar, Nirmanda Ri Brahmaniye, Mani Ram Patwaariya, Na Manya O Hansa, Jiya Lal Bindiye, Chhinj and Chhaanjoti.
Folk songs of Bilaspur: Mohna, Gangi, Gambhari, Baalo, Jhanjyuti.
Folk songs of Kullu, Shimla and Sirmaur: Laman, Jhuri, Naati, Haar.

Nowadays, with advent of Hindi Pop Music in the state, younger generation have added the tinge of modernity to these songs.

Listen to this lovely Soju song, Soju lana lachhiye, sung by women of Saraz region of Chamba while sowing seeds in the field.

Courtesy: Sahapedia
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