Brahmavadini and Sadyovadhu

gargi brahmavadini
Gargi and Yajnvalkya
The Vedic Society recognizes two different kinds of ideal women. These two ideal women were 1. Brahmavadini and 2. Sadyovadhu.

Brahmavadini is the woman of ascetic type striving for the highest philosophical knowledge whereas Sadyovadhu is the woman of a domestic type, dedicating herself to the welfare of her family. Each was great in her own place and there was no real comparision between these two women.

The term Brahmavadini literally means the Expounder of Vedas whereas Sadyovadhu means the Ideal Wife.

However, it was also not obligatory for a Brahmavadini to take the vow of celibacy, renounce the world and meditate far off the world. On contrary, many of the Brahmavadinis were married women.

In the similar manner, Sadyovadhus were also of high spritual nature and in the middle of their domestic duties, they strove for knowledge of highest order.

There are 27 Brahmavadinis mentioned in Rigveda alone. Some of the best examples of Brahmavadinis found in Vedic texts are Gargi, Anusuya, Sabari, Ghosha, Maitreyi and Lopamudra. Similarly Maitreyi is also one of the brightest example of Sadyovadhu.

Source: Ancient India by Krishna Reddy
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