Tripuri calendar

Nag Kesar - State Flower of Tripura
Tripuri calendar is a traditional calendar used by Tripuri people. Its era, the Twipra Era or Tripurabada, is set at 15 April 590 AD. Interestingly just three years ahead of the Bangabda or Bengali Era.

The New Year in Tripuri Calendar falls on 1st of Vaisakh, which corresponds to 14/15 of April in the Julian calendar. The months are named after Hindu calendar months.

The Tripura Era was used in all official matters of the princely state of Tippera until it joined the Union of India. It is said that era marks the conquest of Bengal by the 118th Tripuri King Hamtor Fa (also known as also Jujaru Fa or Himti or Birraj).

However, in reality, it is an adoption of Mughal Fasli era introduced by emperor Akbar in 1563 and its use only trace back to the 163th King Govindamanikya.

After its discontinuation in 1949, the Tripuri era was first cited in the state government calendar and diaries in 1991.
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