Major Lakes of Tripura

Rudrasagar Lake, Tripura
One can find several picturesque small and big lakes in Tripura. Majority of these lakes are associated with myths and folktales, and some of these lakes are revered as the living gods. Some of the famous large lakes are Dumboor lake, Amar Sagar, Jagannath Dighi, Dhani Sagar and Mahadeb Dighi.

Dumboor lake
  1. It lies at the confluence of rivers Raima and Sarma, 11 km from Jatanbari and 31 km from Amarpur.
  2. It gets its name from tabor shaped small drum, Dumboor, of lord Shiva.
  3. The area of the lake is 41 and there are 48 islets inside the lake.
  4. It attracts a number of migratory birds in winter season and a big fair Poush Sankranti Mela nearby it.

  1. It lies at 78 km from Agartala in Gomati district.
  2. It is an artificial lake built around the 16th century.
  3. It is spread over an area of 20 hectares.
  4. A small town Amarpur flourished on its bank.

Kalyan Sagar
  1. It is an artificial lake, situated in Udaipur in Gomati District.
  2. It is considered sacred as on its eastern side, the temple of Mata Tripureshwari is situated. Mata Tripureshwari is considered as the avatar of  Goddess Kali.

  1. Rudrasagar is one of the most important lakes in India. It is declared as the ramsar site in 2005.
  2. It lies in Melaghar around 53 km west of Agartala.
  3. It is known for its scenic beauty. A palace named Nirmahal (Palace in Water) is built in the centre of the lake by then Maharaja of Tripura Bir Bikram Kishore.

  1. Kamalasagar is an artificial lake in Tripura, constructed by King Dhanya Manikya of Tripura in the 15th century.
  2. It lies at 27 km from Agartala in Kasba in Sepahijala district.
  3. On its bank, Kasba Kali Mandir is situated.

Khowra Lake
  1. It lies in Kailashahar sub-division of Unakoti District.
  2. It is sprawled over 5 sq km and known for Shiva temple.
  3. Two annual festivals are organized on its bank.

Jagannath Dighi
  1. It lies in Udaipur of Gomati distriect. At its north-east corner, a Vaishnava temple, Jagannath Temple/Jagannather Dol, is situated.
  2. It is also known as Puran Dighi.

Mahadev Dighi
  1. It lies in Udaipur of Gomati District. At its south corner, there is Mahadev Ban Temple.
  2. It is also known as Bijoy Sagar.
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