Fairs and Festivals of Tripura

Fairs and Festivals of Tripura
Kharchi Puja
Tripura is known for its rich cultural heritage. Throughout the year, a number of fesitvals are celebrated with pomp and show. These festivals are either related with religious beliefs or economic activity. Some of the popular festivals in Tripura are

Kharchi Puja
Kharchi Puja links the Past and Present of the Tripura. It is celebrated in the honour of 14 local dieties of Tripuri tribe. It is celebrated during the month of July.

Ker Puja
Ker Puja generally starts fifteen days after Kharchi Puja. It is performed by the royal family for the welfare of the state and its people.

Unakoti Mela/Ashok Ashtami Mela
Each year during the month of April, several pilgrims from all over the state assemble at Unakoti to offer their prayer to Lord Shiva.

Durga Puja
Durga puja is basically celebrated by the Bengali Hindus in the month of September-October. The festival is also celebrated by the Non-Hindu communities.

It is one of the major Tripuri festivals. Celebrated in the month of April in praise of the god Garia. He is said to be the deity of benevolent spirit of household. The famous Garia dance is based on this festival. The priest known as Ochai performs puja while festivity engulfs all during the festival.

Hozagiri festival is celebrated by the Bru (Reang) people in honour of the Goddess Mailuma. She is considered to be the avatar of Goddess Laxmi. It is generally celebrated on third day after Dussehra.

Buddha Purnima
It is mostly celebrated by the Buddhist Mog community in the month of April. The historical temple Venuban Vihar at Agartala becomes the centre of attractions during the festival where it is celebrated on a grand scale.

Poush Sankranti/Tirthamukha
The festival marks the commencement of the Sun's northern course- the last day of the month of Pousa (mid January). It is locally known Tirthamukha because people from all over the state assemble to take a dip at the source of Gomti river at Tirthamukha.

Thakurmura/Pir Dargah Mela
It is observed in the memory of a Muslim Pir in village Thakurmura, Sonamura sub-division in the month of May. It is celebrated by all sections of the Tripura's society.

Bhangni Mutairenai
Bhangni Mutairenai is the harvest festival of Tripuri tribe. It is celebrated in the month of Pausa-Magh (January-February).

Bisucani is the harvest festival of Reang tribe. They organize a major during the month of Chaitra (April).

Mamita is celebrated by the Jamatia and Noatia in the month of Ashwina-Kartika (October-November).  The  first  grains  are  worshipped  and maisoi (kheer) is offered.

Biju is the festival of Chakma tribe. It begins on the last day of Chaitra (April).

Owa is celebrated by the Mogs on the full moon day of Ashwin of Bengali calendar year. Both men and women go to the Buddhist temple during the day and in the evening they release paper boats in the river. They believe Lord Buddha sets out his journey through the land of darkness and the lighted candles will illuminate his path.

Neermahal Festival
Neermahal Festival is celebrated each year in the month of August and December at Rudrasagar Lake.

Holi, Diwali and Christmas are other major festival which are celebrated by the people of Tripura along with whole nation. Nowdays, to promote tourism in Tripura, the state government also organize Orange festival during the month of November in Jampui Hills.
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