Naga Mothers Association

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Naga Mothers Association
The Naga Mothers Association is a prominent group formed by the Naga women in Nagaland. The organisation was established in 1984 on the backdrop of Nagaland Conflict, alcoholism and drug problems. The organisation brought women from different sections and tribes of Nagaland under one roof to fight against social evils such as alcoholism, drug addiction and violence against women. The association also played a pivotal role in Indo-Naga Peace Pact. According to Abei-U Meru, a founder and former NMA president, "the mothers came together because it was hurting every home."

The NMA constitution allows every adult Naga woman to become a member of NMA on a token membership fee of one rupee. Leaders are nominated by different Naga tribes.

Key Contribution made by Naga Women
1. NMA organises workshops and training programmes for women on different topics to make them socially and financially independent.
2. They mediate between Central Government of India and Warring Fraction of Naga groups and started "Shed No Blood" Campaign in 1984 to help in maintaining the peace throughout Nagaland and the North East.
3. They run detoxification centres for drug addicts and educate youth about the ill effects of drugs.
4. They run an awareness programme on HIV-AIDS and led the destigmatisation movement against HIV-AIDS patients in 1991.
5. As of now, they are fighting for women reservation in local government bodies (as provided by Nagaland Municipal Act 2001).

The association received the Times of India Social Impact Award for life contribution for 2013.

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