Land Equivalent Ratio (LER)

Intercropping of Coconut Tree and Mexican Marigold
Land Equivalent Ratio (LER)
In agriculture, land equivalent ratio (LER) refers to relative landmass required under sole cropping to produce same yield as in the case of intercropping. In simple mathematical terms, LER is the sum of the fractions of intercropped yields divided by the single crop yield. It is also known by the name of relative total yield.

For m number of crops

Land Equivalent Ratio Formula
Here, IY is the yield of the crop under intercropping and SY is the yield of the crop under sole cropping

The stand value of LER is 1.4

LER values for Different Crops

Crops Country/region LER
eggplant, jackfruit Bangladesh 2.17
cocoa, coconut Mexico 1.36
ginger, maize, soybean Nepal 2.45
maize, cowpea Nepal 1.58
millet, soybean Nepal 1.40

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