Folk Festivals of Nagaland

Folk Festivals of Nagaland
Nagaland is one of culturally rich states of India. It is one of the rare places on Earth where you can still discover pre-modern lifestyle and day to day rituals. However, some portion of modernity has infested into the life of Nagaland populace, but various aspect of tribal and pre-modern life can be seen through their festival. These festivals are about mark of new year, new cropping season, ending of cropping season and so on. These festivals are not only known for their rituals, but also music and dance.

Major Folk Festivals of Nagaland

TribeFestivalTime Period
Anal NagaChavan kumhrinOctober 23
AngamiSekrenyiFebruary 25-27
AngamiTerhuniDecember 9
AoMoatsuFirst Week of May
AoTsungremong First week of August
ChakhesangSükrünyeJanuary 15
ChakhesangNgunyeFebruary 1
ChakhesangTsükhenyeApril 24
ChangNaknyu lemJuly 13th
ChangPoang lemDecember
KachariBushuJanuary 27
KhiamniunganTsokümFirst Week of October
KhiamniunganMiuMay 5
KhiamniunganBiamAugust 7
KonyakAoleang MonyuApril 1 to 3
KukiChavang KutNovember 1
KukiMimkutJanuary 17
LothaTokhu EmongNovemebr 7
PhomMonyuFirst Week of April
PochuryYemsheFirst Week of October
RengmaNgadaLast Week of November
SangtamMongmongFirst Week of September
SangtamHunapongpi Second or Third Week of August
SumiAhunaNovember 14-15
SumiTuluniJuly 8
YimchungrüMedümneo/MetemniuSecond Week of August
ZeliangHegaFebruary 10-15

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