List of Ornamental Plants, Grasses and Trees

Ghost Plant
Ghost Plant
Ornamental plants are plants that grown for decorative purpose. The cultivation of ornamental plants is known floriculture, which is part of horticulture.

The common ornamental plants are Rose, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, Anthurium, Orchids, Tulip, Lilium, Alstroemeria, Gypsophila, Licianthus, Statice, Apragus and Ferns. Other ornamental plants include Ficus, Geronia and Fuchsia.

List of Ornamental Plants, Trees and Grasses

S. No.Common NameScientific NameOriginNote
1.Philodendron Philodendron tripartitumTropical AmericaOrnamental plant
2.Buddha Belly PlantJatropha podagricaTopical AmericaUsed to treat skin diseases
3.Silver OakGrevillea robustaEastern Coastal AustraliaWood is used in furniture
4.Giant Taro/MankachuAlocasia macrorrhizosMalaysiaused in treatment of diabetes
5.Tri Colour Dragon TreeDracaena marginata TricolorMadagascarOrnamental plant
6.Cordyline firebandCordyline fruticosaNewzealandused in medicine and foodstuff
7.Large leaved Dragon TreeDracaena margenataAfricaOrnamental plant
8.Madagascar Dragon TreeDracaena marginata (Lemon& Lime)MadagascarOrnamental plant
9.Indian laurel/Sultan-ChampaCalophyllum inophyllumIndia, Australia and Africagrown for wood, oil, medicine and fruit (rat bait)
10.Foxtail fernAsparagus densiflorusSouth AfricaUsed in ornamental decorations
11.Elephant Year PlantColocasia esculentaMalaysia and AustraliaUsed as vegetable (plant is toxic if eaten raw)
12.Snake plant/Mother in Laws ToungeSansevieria roxburghianaAfrica and MadagascarTraditional medicine for first aid
13.Pandan leavesPandanus amaryllifoliusIndia and BangladeshUsed as spice or taste maker
14.False AgaveFurcraea foetidaCaribbeanOrnamental purpose and fibre making
15.Smooth AgaveAgave desmettianaEastern MexicoDrought tolerant and flowers only after 8 years
16.Begonia/ShimpliBegonia phrixophyllaSub tropical and tropical regionPerennial flowering plant
17.Spath/Peace lily/Cobra plantSpathiphyllum wallisiiCentral AmericaOrnamental plant
18.Silver QueenAglaonema nitidumAsiaOrnamental tree associated with good luck
19.Marantha/arrowrootMaranta arundinaceaSouth AmericaFor arrowroot
20.Tiger tooth aloeAloe juvennaKenyaOrnamental plant
21.Shell GingerAlpinia zerumbetEast AsiaMedicinal Uses
22.Asparagus FernAsparagus aethiopicusSouth AfricaOrnamental plant; toxic to cats and dogs
23.Crispy wave fern/Birds nest palmAsplenium nidusEast tropical Africaused as traditional medicine for asthma, sores and weakness
24.Begonia RexBegonia annulataHimalayasOrnamental plant
25.Heart of JesusCaladium bicolorAmericasOrnamental plant, toxic in nature
26.CrotonCodiaeum variegatumIndonesia, Malaysia and AustraliaUsed as an ornamental plant
27.Dumb CaneDieffenbachia seguineTropical AmericaUsed as an ornamental plant
28.Song of IndiaDracaena reflexaMadagascarUsed as ornamental and in treatment of malaria, diarrhea, dysentery and others
29.Airplane plant/Spider plant/St. Bernard's lilyChlorophytum comosumSouthern AmericaOrnamental house plant
30.Cedros Island Live-ForeverDudleyadensi floraCaliforniaGarden ornamental plant
31.Viguier's SpurgeEuphorbia viguieriMadagascarOrnamental plant
32.Chinese BanyanFicus microcarpaChinaOrnamental purpose
33.Ghost plant/Mother of pearlGraptopetalum paraguayenseMexicoOrnamental plant
34.Swiss Cheese plantMonstera adansoniiSouth AmericaOrnamental house plant
35.Fishbone fernNephrolepis exaltataTropical regionsPerennial plant
36.Prickly pearOpuntia dilleniiSub-tropical AmericasOrnamental cactus family plant
37.Yellow tower cactusParodia chrysacanthionSouth AmericaOrnamental cactus family plant
38.Radiator plantPeperomia acuminataCentral AmericaOrnamental house plant
39.Geranium AraliaPolyscias guilfoyleiAfrica and AsiaOrnamental house plant
40.Dinner Plate AraliaPolyscias balfourianaAustraliaOrnamental house plant
41.Gun powder plantPilea microphyllaFlorida, Mexico and West IndiesOrnamental
42.Moses in the CradleTradescantia spathaceaMexicoOrnamental house plant
43.Dwarf UmbrellaSchefflera arboricolaTrinidadOrnamental house plant
44.Fishbone cactusSelenicereus anthonyanusMexicoOrnamental cactus family plant; also known as zigzag cactus
45.Donkey tailSedum moraganiumMexicoFlowers bloom in summer
46.Money plantScindapsus aureusFrench polynesiaOrnamental house plant
47.Marble QueenScindapsus aureusFrench polynesiaA variety of money plant
48.Spanish daggerYucca aloifoliaAtlantic and Gulf CoastUsed in making of soap and shampoo
49.Cardboard PalmZamia furfuraceaMexicoGrows slow when young and grows fast when attains maturity
50.Christmas TreeAraucaria columnarisAustraliaPurely ornamental garden
51.Starlight weeping plantFicus benjaminaAustraliaOfficial tree of Bangkok
52.Copper leafAcalypha wilkesianaTropical and subtropical regionsUsed in preparation of ointments
53.Revolution GoldMelaleuca bracteataNorthern AustraliaAlso known as Black Tea Tree
54.Duranta RepensDuranta repensTropical AmericasFavorite among butterflies for breeding
55.Bismarck palmBismarckia nobilisMadagascarOrnamental palm family plant
56.Ruffled fan palmLicula GrandisVanuatuOrnamental palm family plant
57.Butterfly palmDypsis lutescensMadagascarOrnamental palm family plant
58.Hardy bamboo palmChamaedorea microspadixMexicoOrnamental palm family plant
59.Queen PalmSyagrus romanzoffianaSouth AmericaOrnamental palm family plant
60.Bottle PalmHyophorbe lagenicaulisMauritiusOrnamental palm family plant
61.Pygmy date palmPhoenix roebeloniiSouth East AsiaOrnamental palm family plant
62.Pony Tail palmBeaucarnea recurvataMexicoOrnamental palm family plant
63.Butterfly palmDypsis lutescensMadagascarOrnamental palm family plant
64.Triangle palmDypsis decaryiMadagascarFruit producing palm family plant
65.Royal palmRoystonea regiaUnited Statesused as construction timber, fruits are eaten by livestock and roots is used for medicinal purpose
66.Travellers palmRavenala madgascariensisMadagascarSheath of the stem used for holding water in emergency
67.Korean grassZoysia tenuifoliaAsiaUsed for stop soil erosion
68.Bermuda grassCynodon dactylonMiddle eastalso known as crab grass
69.Rusty Acacia/Safed KhairAcacia ferruginea IndiaMentioned in Mahabharata
70.Stone Apple/BelAegle marmelosIndiaSacred in India, offered to Lord Shiva and known for its medicinal values
71.Green Giant/ThujaThuja occidentalisNorth Americaknown as Morpankh, used in traditional medicine and oil is used in soaps and room sprays
72.Sandal woodSantalum albumIndiaKnown for its aromatic oils
73.Rubber treeFicus elasticaIndiaAn ornamental commercial tree used for making rubber
74.Ashoka Tree/DevdarPolyalthia longifoliaIndiaOrnamental commercial tree grown for its wood
75.Lemon BambooBambusa VulgarisIndia and ChinaAlso known as Golden Bamboo, used as commercial and ornamental tree

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