Iron Age in India

Iron Age in India
The Iron age in India began somewhere between 1200 and 1000 BC. Though, there is a debate going on the fixation of Iron age in India. Some argues, there is no evidence of iron use in India till 250 BC, some argues the technology related to use of iron was introduced in India by Achaemenids in 500 BC. However, some opines the use of iron was well established till 1000 BC.

The trace of iron usage can be traced back to 1000 BC in places like Central Ganga Plains and Eastern Vindhya Range. Similarly, the signs of iron usage are found at Hallur (Karnataka) and Adhichanallur (Tamil Nadu).

The Iron Age in India is associated with the Painted Grey Ware and Northern Black Polish Ware, and corresponds to the transition period of tribal kingdoms of Vedic period to the rise of Magadha or Mahajanapadas.

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