Information Broker

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Information Broker

An information broker can be defined as an individual or an entity who search, gather and process information from all available resource on your behalf for a small amount of fee. Sometimes, these information brokers are also known by the name of data brokers or information resellers. They work on the similar principle of libraries, but in the case of libraries, the cost to provide information is not charged.

The services provided by an information broker

1. Briefing
2. Information repackaging
3. Market research and analysis
4. Personnel recruitment
5. Press cutting service
6. Seminars and workshops.

They specialize in providing fast and efficient services and most of these firms are staffed by the people with library backgrounds provide literature searches, retrieve and supply documents.

Contrary to common perception, they do not pose any threats to libraries. Instead, they complement them by providing fast and specialized services to individuals and other clients who can afford these services.

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