List of Administrators of Daman and Diu

List of Administrators of Daman and Diu
List of Administrators of Daman and Diu
Daman and Diu was part of Goa, Daman and Diu. Since 1987, Goa elevated to statehood, Daman and Diu became a separate Union Territory. Daman and Diu is headed by Administrator, who has similar power and authority as Governor of a Indian State.

Administrators of Daman and Diu
1Gopal Singh30 May 198718 July 1989
2Khurshed Alam Khan18 July 198925 March 1991
3Bhanu Prakash Singh25 March 199116 March 1992
4K.S. Baidwan16 March 199228 March 1994
5Ramesh Chandra28 March 199415 July 1995
6S.P. Aggarwal15 July 199526 June 1998
7Ramesh Negi (acting)26 June 199823 February 1999
8Sanat Kaul23 February 199923 April 1999
9Ramesh Negi (acting)23 April 199919 July 1999
10O.P. Kelkar19 July 199912 November 2002
11Arun Mathur12 November 200216 November 2005
12V. K. Singh16 November 200526 May 2006
13Dharmendra26 May 20061 June 2006
14R. K. Verma1 June 200629 January 2008
15Satya Gopal29 January 20087 March 2011
16Narendra Kumar7 March 201128 August 2014
17B. S. Bhalla28 August 201218 August 2014
18Ashish Kundra18 August 201413 March 2016
19Vikram Dev Dutt14 March 201629 August 2016
20Praful Khoda Patel29 August 2016Incumbent
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