List of Federal Countries

List of Federal Republic Nations
A federal state is underlined by three rules:

(i) It must have at least two tiers of Government.
(ii) Each tier must have at least one area of action in which it is autonomous.
(iii) The latter requirement must be guaranteed by a written constitution and disputes must be resolved by a single independent judiciary.

There are currently twenty-five federal republic nations in the world:

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Austria
4. Belgium
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. Brazil
7. Canada
8. Comoros
9. Ethiopia
10. Micronesia
11. Germany
12. India
13. Malaysia
14. Mexico
15. Nigeria
16. Pakistan
17. Palau
18. Papua New Guinea
19. Russia
20. Saint Kitts and Nevis
21. South Africa
22. Switzerland
23. United Arab Emirates
24. United States
25. Venezuela
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