List of Rivers of Rajasthan

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Chambal River/Image Credit: Parichay
The rivers of Rajasthan can be divided into three categories on the basis of their drainage pattern. The rivers which drain into 1. Arabic Sea, 2. The Bay of Bengal and 3. inland.

The Aravali range act as the watershed for Rajasthan. It divides the drainage system of Rajasthan into the Arabic Sea and the Bay of Bengal. For example, Luni River which rises from western slopes of Aravali, after flowing through the semi-arid region of the Western Rajasthan, drains into Arabic Sea, whereas Banas river which originates on the eastern slopes of the mountain range, joins Chambal river, and Chambal river, later, merges into Ganga-Yamuna river system. Having said that most of the Rajasthani rivers have an inland drainage.

List of Rivers which drains into the Bay of Bengal
1. Chambal
2. Banas
3. Kali Sindh
4. Parvati
5. Banganga
6. Khari
7. Berach
8. Gambhir

These rivers either originates on Eastern slopes of the Aravali Range or on Vidhyanchal Mountains of Madhya Pradesh. All of these rivers merge into the Yamuna and finally drains into the Bay of Bengal.

List of Rivers which drains into the Arabian Sea
1. Mahi
2. Som
3. Jakham
4. Sabarmati
5. Western Banas
6. Luni

The Western Banas and Luni drain into Rann of Kutch.

List of Rivers which dries up on the course (Inland Drainage)
1. Kakni
2. Kautli
3. Sabi
4. Ghaggar-Hakra
5. Mantha
6. Roopangarh
7. Ruparel

There are many rivers which dry up inland and not listed here.

Other major points about Rivers of Rajasthan
1. Most of the rivers in Rajasthan are seasonal rivers except Chambal and Mahi, being perennial rivers.
2. Chambal is, both, longest river by length and largest river by discharge.
3. Banas has largest catchment area in the state. Banas is also the longest river, which originates and flows in Rajasthan only.
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