List of Extinct Plant Species in India

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Euphorbia mayurnathanii/Image Credit: H. Zell

India is one of the richest nation in terms of plants diversity as it is home to more than 15000 flowering and 3000 medicinal plants. However, it is slowly losing out, thanks to rapid deforestation and urbanization to meet the demands of growing population. Moreover, in past few decades, many of endemic Indian plant species are in danger of extinction and some of them extinct now. Here is the list of extinct plant species in India.

Extinct Plants In India
Kerala Legume Tree

Kerala legume tree, scientifically known as Cynometra beddomei, was a species of tree in the Fabaceae family. It was endemic to Western Ghats of Kerala, India. In 1998, it was declared extinct, as it was never seen again after 1870. The prime reason for extinction was habitat destruction.

Arunachal Hopea Tree
Arunachal hopea tree, scientifically known as Hopea shingkeng, is a species endemic to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a small tree once locally exploited by locals for house posts and now considered extinct.

Nilgiri Holly
Nilgiri holly, scientifically known as Ilex gardneriana, was a species of plant in the Aquifoliaceae family. It was endemic to Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, India. Though heavily searched, but it was never sighted in the last few decades. It was declared extinct in 1998.

Meghalaya Sterculia
Meghalaya Sterculia, scientifically known as Sterculia khasiana, was a species of plant in the Sterculiaceae family. It was endemic to the Indian state of Meghalaya. It became extinct due to habitual loss.

Extinct Indian Plants in Wild
India Monocarpic Palm

India Monocarpic Palm, scientifically known as Corypha taliera is species of palm, originally native to the Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bengal region of India. Extinct in the wild, now in captivity and growing in the scrub jungle on the Dhaka University campus.

Pallassana Spurge
Pallassana Spurge, scientifically known as Euphorbia mayurnathanii, is species of plant in the Euphorbiacease family. It was endemic to Palghat Gap in India, but now believed extinct in the wild. However, still in cultivation, it's international trade is controlled by Appendix II of CITES.

Rediscovered Plants in India
Karnataka Sapota

Karnataka sapota, scientifically known as Madhuca insignis, is a species of plant in the Sapotaceae family. It is endemic to Karnataka India. Though it was declared extinct, but accidental rediscovery in 2013, invalids extinction claims. However, the Karnataka sapota is still in danger of extinctions, thanks to hydro projects, which are in staging process, in its habitat.

Courtallum Wendlandia
Courtallum Wendlandia, scientifically known as Wendlandia angustifolia, is a species of plant in the Rubiaceae family. A shrub or tree, which can grow up to 4 m, grown at riverside and low altitude forest. It is endemic to India. Once considered extinct species, it is rediscovered again in Tamil Nadu in 1998.

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